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Taste of Wicked – A Review


Drake Winston was dealing with the biggest struggle of his life. At risk of losing the one thing he valued most in the world, he didn’t have time for romantic pursuits. Then he met Antonia Hendricks. His online profile allowed him a chance to show a side of himself he hadn’t shared with another in years. Her smile, her sweetness and her faith in a friendship forged in a chat forum shakes his world. Drake knows he should be honest. He should leave the curvy sweetheart alone and stay far away. But someone else is interested in his Antonia and Drake will sacrifice anything to see her come through unharmed. Even if it means giving up his magic.

I received this copy in a giveaway (if I’m being honest, I cant remember where the giveaway took place). I may or may not have received it in exchange for an honest review. Because well, I can’t remember!!! Hahaha. So I’m putting this up here JUST in CASE! 

You know how they say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Well, that is certainly an accurate piece of advice to live by in regards to this book. Honestly, if I was in a bookstore and saw this cover, it would be the last book I bought. It’s just not a very appealing cover but the book was pretty awesome.

I have a small confession, my reading friends. I am a sucker for paranormal romance. I know, I know. You are rolling your eyes right now. Unless my friend Jenny Norris is reading this because I know she is a sucker for them too! Haha.

Anyway, that’s what this book is. Your run of the mill paranormal romance. So I am not going to sit here and say this book was SO unique and SO different from anything written before it. It’s not. BUT it is written very well, and there were a few aspects that I really appreciated about this book in comparison to other books like it. Enough so that it gained an *almost* perfect rating from me, and we will talk that in a second too.

The first thing I really enjoyed was the flow of the authors writing. I mean, wow I flew through this book! In total my paperback copy has 217 readable pages, and I read 144 of those pages in the first sitting. I probably could have finished the book in one sitting had I not had other things I needed to do. It just flowed really well. Michelle Howard’s writing style is very easy to follow, and moves from one point to the other with ease and grace. So I really enjoyed the reading process with this book.

Secondly, as always, the characters. Haha. I mean, the character’s in a quick paranormal romance aren’t going to be as developed as the characters in a novel where we are following a character’s personal journey to self-discovery. But what I did love about the character’s in this book were their physical descriptions. The lead female was a more voluptuous woman. You may think that’s a silly thing to be appreciative of, but in a world where skinny girls rule the world, it’s really not silly at all to appreciate a woman with a body. I like that full-figured women are more and more often being implanted into our mainstream culture. So I loved the main character, Antonia, for her curves. AND I’m not ashamed to admit it! You go girl!

The only issue I really had with the book overall, was it was a tad bit anti-climatic. Well, it had a great and exciting scene in it, like any other book. So maybe anti-climatic isn’t fair. However, the climatic scene didn’t have much of a build up leading to it. I just felt like maybe the underlying turmoil that would soon come to a head could have been implanted more throughout the story, to help build the suspense of what was to come. That’s the only reason I shaved off half a star. Otherwise, I honestly really enjoyed this book. It was a fast read, and I really loved Antonia. So much so, I hope Michelle Howard decides to maybe make this a series.

By the way, a question for my readers. Does anyone know what a “Kindle World Novella” means? Haha. I sound like such a greenie, but I’ve honestly not got a clue as to what that means. Regardless, that’s what this novel was. If it sounds like something you would enjoy, it’s available for kindle on Amazon for just $.99 which I think is a steal for a steamy paranormal romance as good as this one!

Which brings me to my close. Who would I recommend to read this novel? Any of my readers out there who are shamelessly in love with paranormal romance like me. So give it a go, and let me know what you think!


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