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September half-way point – Haul

Okay. Someone need’s to stop me. It’s not my fault! I swear. It’s my local library! Keep in mind, I live in a small town that has less than 1000 population wise. I can’t understand where my library is getting all of these books! Not only that, but you can’t go anywhere without driving through town. What do you think is right there, on the main road, driving through our tiny town square? Yup, the library. I kid you not, they are taunting me! Every time I drive by, there are racks of books sitting outside, with their blinding white signs that read “Bag of books $1”. ONE. FREAKING. DOLLAR. Tons of hardcover books. How can I NOT stop?

Well, yesterday I had to stop in the library to return a book. Of course, there sits the racks of books. CALLING my name. I can hear them. “Amberrrrr. AMBERRRR. Buy MEEEE. Just ONE DOLLAR! BUYYYYY MEEEE!” So I went inside, with my book to return and $2. Yup, I was going to get two bags. I went up to the counter and laid down my book and it went something like this:

Me: “Oh, I also want to get some books from outside.”

Librarian: “Honey, how many of our books have you come by to buy?”

Me: “Uhm. Oh.. Uhh.. Maybe about 5 bags so far?” *awkwardly laughing and turning red from embarassment*

Librarian: “Honey, here’s an extra bag, just go get you some books!”

And she took my $1. So, yesterday I actually got TWO bags of books for ONE dollar!!! It was something like 20+ books. Also, in this haul today I am including some books I got about a week ago. Or at least since my last haul at the end of August.

So, alright! Let’s get started! I can hear all of you “GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!” Here we goooo!

Don’t forget! If you want to buy any of these books simply click on the PHOTO and it will direct you to The Book Depository or Amazon. Remember, The Book Depository offers FREE WORLDWIDE shipping! So whether you are in America, China, or wherever you can have your books shipped to you for FREE!









img_6784I have to admit, I hate this cover just because of the confederate flag.











Yup, signed copy! Pretty cool find! I have never heard of this book, haha, but that’s okay! Worth a read!







Okay, so I saw almost an entire row of these books by Anne McCaffrey. I figured I would pick them up, and give them a go but after reading the flaps and all, they don’t really tickle my fancy. So I think I am going to list them on Paper Back Swap and try to trade them for something else.















For smaller hauls, I will definitely include descriptions and more details on each book. There are so many books here however, that I felt like that would be one VERY long blog post! So today I am just including the photos.

I need to stay away from my library! Don’t you think??? Honestly though, I think I have picked over what books they have now pretty well. I will save my singles for the next lot of donated books.

You know you’re a book nerd when you say “I will save my singles for the next lot of donated books.” instead of “I will save my singles for the strip club.”

I hope you enjoyed this haul! I know I have been enjoying buying so many books for so cheap! Make sure you check out your local libraries for awesome sales and deals!

Also, check out Paper Back Swap and if you join use me as a referral! is my email there. It’s an awesome website where you can list the books you no longer want, and people who DO want them can snag them up! You pay shipping to ship the books to them BUT in return you earn credit and can then use said credit to buy books from others and they ship them to YOU for free!

You can also do something like I have done here, and buy up bags of books from your library for cheap, that maybe you don’t necessarily want, and then list them on Paper Back Swap and earn credit to get something you do actually want!

There are endless options for buying books on a budget! Share your budget buying secrets with me in the comments below!


***If you want to purchase any of these books simply click on the book cover photos above. All links will direct you to The Book Depository or Amazon.***

The Book Depository offers free worldwide shipping.

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