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August Book Haul! 

Hard cover books 
Paperback books


I cannot describe my delight right now. I feel so full! My first book haul since arriving back home in the states. I buy many books during my 6+ years in China. I owned maybe around 10 total, possibly even less. I relied on my kindle a lot for fulfilling my reading desires. Which is completely fine. I loved my kindle so much, but my kindle recently kicked the bucket. (R.I.P my dearest kindle). 

There is just something about holding a book though, flipping the pages, the smell of the paper. Technology is awesome and makes reading accessible to everyone, everywhere but nothing will ever replace the feelings you get when you are curled up holding an actual book. Or the feeling you get when you look at new books on your bookshelf. Those feelings are irreplaceable. 

So that being said, you can imagine how excited I was when I went to my local library today to sign up for a library card only to find that they had two huge racks of books for sale. At first, I thought the sign meant every book was $1.  I thought wow awesome deal! So I asked the librarian to confirm, and she said “oh no, take one of these bags and fill the whole bag for $1.”  I cocked an eyebrow and said “excuse me? I think I misheard you. The entire bag full is ONE dollar?”  

Check out your libraries people!!! So many libraries do deals like this, and many libraries do regular library sales where they sell donated books for super cheap! 

Yup. I bought nine books today for $1. Not $1 each, just $1. What!? I almost wish I had filled two bags, but I am planning on going to the city this weekend to a larger library sale and to hit up Good Will for more books. So keep an eye out for that in September!! 
Okay okay! Onto the books! 

Here we go! 

And three paperbacks! 

Usually I would link the books to a website to read a description and purchase if you wanted to. However, today I won’t be doing that! I’m sorry! I haven’t yet purchased an adapter for my laptop and editing on my iPhone is no easy task. Hopefully next week I will be able to get back on track with regular updates and reviews. I couldn’t wait to show you my haul though! And I hope you enjoyed it! 

While at the library I also checked out two books I’ve been wanting to read. 

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare is actually one of the books on my September TBR list. So I was happy to pick that up. I’ve seen so many reviews on These Broken Stars and decided to give it a go too. 

As soon as my laptop is up and running I will be doing a couple of reviews and an August Wrap-Up/September TBR. So come back soon and see what’s new! 

6 thoughts on “August Book Haul! 

  1. I have been to the GoodWill stores in my area several times, but I have never checked out our libraries. I think I may just do that this weekend.

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