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My sincerest apologies for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been nursing a cold, and nursing a 2 year old with a cold. So, as you can imagine, I’ve not wanted to do much of anything other than what was absolutely necessary. Haha.

I saw this #booktag originally on the blog A Bookwyrm’s Lair. So check out her Would You Rather #booktag when you are finished here.

I don’t know about you but I am a total sucker for #booktags. They are just so much fun. Light, fluffy blog content that I just find totally interesting. I also love challenges like this one where you read a response and think “Oh my GOD, NO WAY! Why would you choose THAT over THAT!” haha Which was what motivated me really to do this tag.

Okay, I’m done rambling. Let’s get started!

Would You Rather

1. Read only series or only stand-alones?

What, are you kidding? Series! For sure. The question says I can read series, in general, not one particular series. I am a series JUNKIE. I rarely read stand-alone books anymore. Which is kind of stressful sometimes. For instance, I was going through my monthly TBR lists for September-December and for some reason I have scheduled myself to begin 13 new series between now and then. What? Crazy lady alert.  So I am thinking, next year, of devoting one month to each series. Like, The Mortal Instruments series. I have the first book on a TBR for this year, but maybe next January I will just binge the entire month reading what I can from the series. Eh, to be determined! haha.

2. Read only female or male authors?

You know I never really even paid attention to this until recently. I was watching Sasha on ABookUtopia on YouTube (OMG, CHECK HER OUT. I love her!), and I noticed she reads almost ALL female authors. Hmm. So I started thinking, I guess I read mostly female authors too. So, if I had to choose, I think I would choose only female authors.

3. Shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

I only have these two to choose from? Well, in that case, Amazon. They have good deals, and I prefer Kindle’s over Nook’s so there’s that too. *More to come on my Kindle at the end of this post. It involves a funeral.*

4. All books become movies or TV shows?

Okay, this is kind of hard for me. I love movies, I’m not a big T.V. fan really, but then T.V. series go on for longer. I still think I would say movies though. I’m such a movie buff, I love the excitement of sitting in a theater and feeling the room vibrate with emotion when something magical is happening on screen. The waves of goosebumps that go through the theater when two lovers finally share a kiss. So much fun. It’s actually been years since I’ve been to a theater, because I’ve lived in China for over 6 years now. *More on THAT at the end of this post also!*

5. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

What? Is this a legitimate question? If I was limited to 5 pages a day, I would go INSANE. 5 books a week, hands down. If I had enough time to read 5 books a week, I would have to stop to wonder if I hadn’t died and gone to heaven.

6. Be a professional reviewer or author?

Oh this is so easy for me. Professional reviewer. I would definitely love, one day, to write my own book. That’s kind of a dream of mine, but reviewing books… Gaining access to books from my favorite authors before release? Are you KIDDING me? YES, PLEASE! That’s more of a CURRENT goal for myself.

7. Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?

This one is easy for me too. Definitely read new ones. I am not the kind of book lover that rereads favorites. In fact there’s only really ever been ONE book that I’ve managed to read several times. “The Valley of the Dolls” by Jacqueline Susann. It’s my favorite book of all time, and I could read it again and again. I have not been able to reread other books, though. Even books I really love, like the Harry Potter series. Nope, can’t reread it, I get bored. Don’t kill me potterheads.

You can buy The Valley of the Dolls by clicking here

8. Be a Librarian or a Bookseller?

Uh wow, I don’t know. Maybe a Librarian, because libraries often give away/sell books they no longer want on their shelves and I could just sneak some home and onto my shelf? But then again if I was a bookseller I would have access to all the latest deals. Okay, totally not sure about this one. I will still with my original answer, Librarian.

9. Only read your favorite genre or every genre except your favorite?

Oh my gosh, so easy, favorite genre. Hands down. I recently tried to venture out of my dystopia/sci-fi/paranormal/urban fantasy BOX, and read some psychological thrillers and I was so bored. I read “Gone Girl” and “The Girl on the Train”. *see what I thought of The Girl on the Train here.* One I loved and one I hated. You will have to read my review of “The Girl on the Train” and find out for yourself if it was love or hate. Anyway, the point is. Even though the book itself was AWESOME, I was still itching towards the end to put it away and grab something with witches, cyborgs, vampires, or something else totally unrealistic.

You can buy Gone Girl by clicking here or The Girl on the Train by clicking here

10. Read only physical books or read only e-books?

Okay, as I said, I’ve been in China for 6+ years. I have not been able to buy any physical books for almost that long. I came across some here and there, and snagged them, but it wasn’t often. I didn’t have a kindle until 2 years ago (thanks to my brother for the awesome Christmas gift). So I didn’t even really get to read that often the first 4 years in China. I am so thankful for my kindle, so so so thankful. That being said however, I would so love to only read physical copies of books from now until forever. I miss holding a book.

So that’s it for this #booktag! I hope that if you play along, you will link back to me in your post so I can come check out your answers! Thanks for reading!


But oh, I’m not done. I know this is becoming an extremely long blog post, but we are all readers right? That’s what we do. So read along with me! Haha.

I just decided to include some extra news about life in this post, and some things maybe my readers will want to know.

I am currently in the process of a international move. We are moving from China all the way back to my home, good ole ‘Merica. Tennessee, to be more exact. We fly out this Friday (so, technically IN America, that would be Thursday). I probably won’t blog much the first week I’m there, going to play that by ear. Will be busy visiting my family and doing all kinds of fun stuff to celebrate my homecoming. So I just wanted to throw that out there!

I also wanted to say, my reviews may be few and far between for the next couple weeks at least because…. DUN DUN DUN… My beloved kindle passed away 2 days ago. Yup, he’s gone. He will be so greatly missed. As I previously mentioned in this post, my kindle has been my ONLY connection to reading material for the past 2 years. My dear kindle is entirely to thank for rekindling (see what I did there?) my passion for reading. I plan on buying a new e-reader at some point in the near future, but I’m not sure when. Which means all of my reviews for e-book ARCs will be delayed a bit. I will try to read some on my iPad, but the light kills my eyes.

LAST, but CERTAINLY not least. I want to send a HUGE shout-out and THANK YOU to the girls over at Stories Under Darker Stars for recently hosting an awesome giveaway where two winners received signed copies of Colleen Hoover’s recent release “It Ends With Us”. I won you guys. I WON a giveaway! I’ve never had an autographed ANYTHING before, and I NEVER win things. I was so incredibly excited to win this book. I know I said I’m a huge sci-fi/dystopia blah blah blah fan, but if I had to put another genre on that list, it would be contemporary romance. So, I am beyond thrilled to be receiving this book. So go and check them out! Not only are they so generous and awesome for hosting a giveaway, but their blog is so fantastic! You won’t regret it!

On that LAST note, I do want to say that once I get to the States and well settled in, I do hope to do my OWN giveaway. So keep your eyes peeled for that. I can’t say for sure when, but I would say at least before this year is out.

If you made it this far, you freaking rock. Thanks for reading and caring about my life’s happenings. I hope you come back and read more soon! Don’t forget to follow me!

***If you want to purchase any of these books simply click on the links above. All links will direct you to The Book Depository or Amazon.***

The Book Depository offers free worldwide shipping.

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