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The Hollows by Kim Harrison

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Obsessed Fan Girl on the loose. Repeat, obsessed Fan Girl on the loose. Approach with caution. Suspect is armed with novels and spouting obsessed fan girl nonsense to anyone with a social media account. 

According to GoodReads “The Hollows” series has a total of 29 works, with 14 primary works.

The last primary work “The Turn” is scheduled for release in 2017.

I will include photos of The Hollows series book covers throughout this entry, you can click on the book cover of any book to be directed to The Book Depository for purchase. Links to purchase books on Amazon will be listed at the end. Remember, The Book Depository has free worldwide shipping on all orders. 

1#1 in The Hollows series

The Hollows, oh my loves. My dears. I will never betray you.

I promised I would do a total bow down, fan girl obsessed, tribute post to Kim Harrison’s “The Hollows” novels, and that’s what I intend to do today.

I cannot say enough good things about these books. I feel like they are so underrated! They have been pretty successful, and actually do have quite the following. I just feel like more people need to read these books. I feel like they still haven’t gained the recognition they deserve in the world of books.

2#2 in The Hollows series

The Hollows follows a witch named Rachel Morgan. The setting is Cincinnati sometime after “The Turn”. The Turn was a pivotal point in history when a bio weapon was mistakenly injected (implanted?) into tomatoes and distributed to the world. Which ended up killing off a quarter of the human population. The “Inderlander” species (supernatural beings) were not effected however, and came out of hiding to assist the humans in some form.

That’s a bit of the backstory that I can’t ever remember clearly. Exactly how they helped the human race, I mean. I did see on Good Reads, however, that Kim Harrison is releasing a Prequel to the books based on the time of The Turn. I-CANNOT-WAIT. Anyway, that’s just to set the scene. That’s where we are when the books begin, sometime after The Turn when the Inderlander species have all come out of hiding and are now living side by side with the human race.

3#3 in The Hollows series

Anyway, Rachel is a runner for the I.S. Which is like the Inderlander police. She’s basically a badass witch cop who brings in the bad guys. She’s unhappy at her job though, and decides to quit. She pairs up with a vamp named Ivy and a pixy named Jenks. Together, the three of them begin their own private firm called Vampiric Charms.

All of that kind of sets the scene for the first book. I don’t want to spoil anything, so that’s about all the details I will give.

Basically, though, this team of three is badass and kicks butt in every book. The story becomes more and more involved, the conflicts more intense, and the plot thickens majorly as the series goes on.

4#4 in The Hollows series

Rachel never seems to get out of trouble, and for every problem she does solve another bigger and more serious one seems to always land in her lap.

She’s sexy, confident, and fierce but still vulnerable and lovable too. You will admire her strength, and simultaneously want to cry along with her when the going gets tough.

The series includes every supernatural being you can think of. From vampires, weres, and pixies to things less common like banshees, gargoyles, and even nymphs. It really sets the foundation for your imagination to run at its fullest potential. Every time I read these books, I become completely entranced in them. I get lost in my imagination, and sincerely have the best adventures through the pages of these books.

5#5 in The Hollows series

The reason I decided not to make this a review is because in a review I always try to include one bad thing about the book. Some “constructive criticism”. Well, I refuse to say a bad thing about these books. I honestly couldn’t if I tried. I adore them. They are so much fun, so much entertainment, they are #lyfe.

I find that, usually, the longer a series goes on the more boring and uninteresting the novels become. This is not the case with “The Hollows“. With each book the story becomes more intense, you fall more in love with the characters and you sit on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happens next. I cry when they cry, laugh when they laugh, get angry when they get angry. I feel every emotion the characters feel, and their reality becomes my reality when I’m deep in the pages of these books.

6#6 in The Hollows series

If you like Urban Fantasy with strong female leads, do yourself a favor and buy yourself the first book in the series. I guarantee it will not be the last one you buy.

Book covers of The Hollows primary works not listed above:

#7 in The Hollows series
#8 in The Hollows series
#9 in The Hollows series
#10 in The Hollows series
#11 in The Hollows series
#12 in The Hollows series
#12 in The Hollows series

Other works included in The Hollows series (extras, short stories):
Links to purchase these ‘extras’ at the end of the post. 


***If you want to purchase any of these books simply click on the book cover photos above. All links will direct you to The Book Depository.*** Amazon links listed below.***

The Book Depository offers free worldwide shipping.

Bonus Author Goodies:

Kim Harrison on Facebook

Kim Harrison on Pintrest

Kim Harrison’s website

Kim Harrison on GoodReads

Amazon links to purchase books in order of the series (Primary works only):

Dead Witch Walking

The Good, the Bad, and the Undead

Every Witch Way But Dead

A Fistful of Charms

For a Few Demons More

The Outlaw Demon Wails

White Witch, Black Curse

Black Magic Sanction

Pale Demon

A Perfect Blood

Ever After

The Undead Pool

The Witch With No Name

To purchase extras in the series click the links below: 
Links will lead you to The Book Depository.
Some books have been left off this list due to being unable to locate them on The Book Depository

Dates From Hell (#2.5)

Hotter Than Hell (#4.5)

Holidays Are Hell (#5.5)

Unbound (#7.5)

The Hollows Insider (#9.5)

Into the Woods: Tales from The Hollows and Beyond (#10.1)


Blood Work (Graphic Novel #1)

Blood Crime (Graphic Novel #2)

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      1. Hahahha. I totally suggest it. Kim Harrison has that amazing ability to make a novel have that “flow”. You become so engrossed in the story. They are really hard to put down and easy to read because of how… Well… Flowing (lol) the books are.


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