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TBR List Madness

***Sorry for the premature post. Don’t know how that happened.***

I was chatting with fellow blogger, Stormi, today about how my “To Be Read” list seems to grow more rapidly than my “Read” list. For every book I check off the list, I think I add five more.

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…And so I sit, flipping the last page of my current read and closing the book with a soft thump.  Running the story through my head, coming to terms with the end of another fantasy, another world, another me.  I’m already contemplating what book to read next. 

“Ahhh right! I saw a great review on this one just last week!” I exclaim, already boiling over with wild anticipation for a new journey through the pages of a new book. 

I begin reading my new book. I’m five chapters in and really starting to bond with the characters. Then, suddenly, I remember! I promised myself I would read that novel “The Novel I Have Promised to Read for Six Months and Counting” after I finished my last book! Dang it! I’ve done it again! 

Does this happen to anyone else? I bet it does, it can’t only be me!

Well, finally, after a long time coming… I organized my TBR list. (What!?) I even organized my Kindle. That’s another blog post for another day though.

Today we are going to focus on organizing your TBR list.

Before we get to that, minor detour, bare with me.  If you are an avid reader, and you don’t already have the GoodReads APP, stop everything you are doing (including reading this post) and download GoodReads. Right now! Do it! You will thank me later.

GoodReads is an amazing APP for book lovers. I didn’t care for it much at first, I thought it was a little dull. Now that I have learned the APP more thoroughly however, I don’t know how I ever managed without it.

I am not affiliated with GoodReads, by the way. I am just a fan of the app.

Find out how to add me on GoodReads at the end of this article. 

Good Reads Features

Recommendations based on books you have already read. Also shows what books your friends are reading.

Ability to update your progress on your current read and post to Facebook. Also customizable bookshelves which we will be discussing today.

This is a glance inside my August-2016-tbr shelf. The books with star ratings are the ones I’ve completed.

Ability to search books by author or title. Very accurate search results and I’ve never *not* been able to find a book.

I haven’t used this feature yet but you can scan books by their barcode for more information on them.

Lots to do! Events. A personal yearly book challenge. There are also many groups to join to chat with other book lovers.

Once you get into GoodReads and get a feel of things, you will discover their bookshelves. They already have a couple of default shelves for you, but you can create your own too. I do suggest creating shelves through the website, it’s much easier than navigating the APP, but once it’s all set up the APP is flawless and easy to use.

I went ahead and made shelves for August-December and filled them full. No shame in my game. But of course you can always do just a month or two at a time, and see how that works for you.

For each month I have included five books from my large TBR list. That leaves me room to detour if I do find a book I just have to read immediately. It also leaves room for books in series I am reading that I know don’t take me very long at all to finish. For example, the “Sookie Stackhouse” books which only take a day to finish.

My suggestion would be to set yourself with a low number of books for each month. If you read an average of 8-10 books, maybe go for a 5 book limit. If you read 5 a month, maybe go for a 3 book limit. Leave yourself some wiggle room in case you are too busy. This also leaves you with some free spots in case you find a book you just can’t resist.

Honestly, once I had my shelves all organized and I had a plan for the coming months reading lists, I felt so much more at ease and less distracted. Before, every time I would be contemplating what book I was reading next, I would actually become a little anxious. I was left wondering, was there a book I wanted to read more than this one? Am I forgetting something? It was very distracting, and a bit discouraging. Now that I have a system to follow, I feel really at ease knowing what’s next.

I definitely still detour off my list. I’ve even deleted books off my monthly TBR list and exchanged them for others when I wasn’t feeling that urge to read that book. Remember, these reading lists are just there to help organize your thoughts, and take the anxiety out of choosing what to read next. Don’t be too strict on yourself. Reading is for FUN!

So, what’s on your reading list for next month?


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